Parent Education Book Club to Meet October 31

Join us for LHWHSPA's Parent Education Book Club at 12pm on Friday, Oct. 31, in room 116. We will discuss chapters 3-5 of our book Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World and how it relates to LHWHS families. The book discusses technology and how it relates to family life and the social development of children of all ages.

Save the date for our third meeting on November 21, same time and place. Contact Elizabeth Cobin with questions.

2014-15 Parent Education Book Club

You are invited to join us for LHWHSPA's Parent Education Book Club. We'll meet once a month on Fridays at noon. Bring your lunch! Come and join in the conversation! 

This year, we're discussing Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World by Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane. The book discusses technology and how it relates to family life and the social development of children of all ages. We will consider this timely concept as it relates to our teens.

Join us on Friday, October 3, 2014, at noon in room 116. We will discuss the introduction and chapters 1-2 of our book and how it relates to LHWHS families. Save the date for our second meeting on Friday, October 31, same time and place.

Books are available for purchase at the counter at Barnes and Noble, 8871 Ladue Rd, St Louis, MO 63124, and from many other sellers.  

Contact Elizabeth Cobin with questions.

What Time Is It? DUES Time!

We’d like to start by thanking you for your support, both past and present. Dues are our primary source of funding. They are the one thing that we ask each and every family to pay.

Donate and pay dues online: laduehighpa.com/payments

Through your dues and participation in other campaigns, we have been able to do so much for our school community. We have purchased items, invested in new ideas, supported our students and teachers, provided hospitality, opened lines of communication, and so much more.

Here’s a quick glance at what dues do for our community:

Classroom and Activity Grants
Staff Appreciation Breakfasts, Luncheon
Parent Network Lunch Series and Book Club
Student Clubs, Organizations and Sports
Parent Party - College Scholarship Fund Family Connections
After-Grad Celebration
Post-Prom Party
Campus Beautification
Conference Dinners

Our goal is to have every family pay dues, no matter how much they can give.

We suggest that you try to give at least $35 this year. We could do so much more if everyone participated!

Junior Parents: Please support the Post-Prom Party now! (If you give online, use the filter on the left or go to the second page.)

Senior Parents: Please support your After-Grad events early!

All Parents: Do you work for a company that matches your donations? Let us know what we can do to help get that match! Some of the companies that have matched donations recently are: Boeing, Belden, Energizer, Monsanto, and Wells Fargo. We appreciate the support!

We can make this a great year!      

Don't Leave Your eScrip Card Behind!

Thanks to Schnucks, and you, last year we earned nearly $4,500 for the school! This is a great way to make easy money for LHWHS and it doesn’t cost you a dime! Get a card for your students, grandparents, friends etc….

Your student has progressed to high school, but how about your eScrip card? Is it time to “graduate” to the high school or to get a new card?

...MORE: laduehighpa.com/escrip

Review Your Rambell Information Now!

The RAMBELL is the Ladue High School directory. Your parent association connects students and parents every fall by bringing this information together and sending it home on paper - it won't be online, so make sure you get your copy.

This summer, we moved all the Rambell addresses and phone numbers from the existing database and linked it to your LHWHSPA email subscription so that you can see and update it online at any time.

We'll reprint your Rambell information every fall while your student(s) are at LHWHS unless you choose to delete it.

If you enter Rambell information for more than one email address, we will use the most recent entry for the directory.

We linked Rambell information to parent email addresses where we could, and a directory entry will be included for each student who has at least a phone number or street address on file.

Review your RAMBELL information now!

bit.ly/rambell (Fill in your email address and name to request an email with your personal link for updates if you are already a newsletter subscriber. You could also look for the email and Rambell link at the bottom of any of your news@laduehighpa.com emails.)

...In case you might be interested:

  • Your email address will not be listed in the directory.
  • The link to update Rambell and email information is at the bottom of every email we send.
  • Student(s) with more than one household: Each parent or guardian has the opportunity to subscribe and update Rambell information for their household.
  • Rambell updates are due Sunday, September 21, 2014.

Thank you!

Your Communications Volunteers

P.S. From now on, we'll use news@laduehighpa.com to send news and updates, so please add it to your contacts!


Hello World!

Welcome to The RAM Cache, our Ladue High School Parent Association blog. We hope you'll find it helps inform you about how LHWHSPA (your parent association) is serving you. We'll also include Ladue Schools and Ladue Education Foundation news that affects high school parents.

Who are we? You'll mostly hear from yours truly, Heather Allen. When I'm not blogging, I'm the parent association (PA) newsletter publisher.

Tracy Tabb is our editor, and we simply wouldn't be able to produce a quality publication without her. She also maintains our new facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/laduehighschoolparentassociation.

Tracy and Heather are both Class of 2018 parents (along with Julie, below).

Carolyn Jaeger, our PA president, is closely involved with most everything we do. She reviews all requests to share information.

If you want to reach us about news we share, a mistake we've made, or something we've overlooked, please contact us (addresses below).

Julie Schuster works closely with us, maintaining our website, laduehighpa.com. (Aren't the new photos great!?!)

Stay tuned for more news. If you haven't done so already, please subscribe to receive updates at bit.ly/rambell. We'll include links to this blog in our weekly newsletters.

Here's to a great 2014-15 school year!

Your LHWHSPA communications volunteers

Heather Allen and Tracy Tabb, editor@laduehighpa.com
Carolyn Jaeger, PA president, lhwhspa@gmail.com
Julie Schuster, webmaster@laduehighpa.com