What Time Is It? DUES Time!

We’d like to start by thanking you for your support, both past and present. Dues are our primary source of funding. They are the one thing that we ask each and every family to pay.

Donate and pay dues online: laduehighpa.com/payments

Through your dues and participation in other campaigns, we have been able to do so much for our school community. We have purchased items, invested in new ideas, supported our students and teachers, provided hospitality, opened lines of communication, and so much more.

Here’s a quick glance at what dues do for our community:

Classroom and Activity Grants
Staff Appreciation Breakfasts, Luncheon
Parent Network Lunch Series and Book Club
Student Clubs, Organizations and Sports
Parent Party - College Scholarship Fund Family Connections
After-Grad Celebration
Post-Prom Party
Campus Beautification
Conference Dinners

Our goal is to have every family pay dues, no matter how much they can give.

We suggest that you try to give at least $35 this year. We could do so much more if everyone participated!

Junior Parents: Please support the Post-Prom Party now! (If you give online, use the filter on the left or go to the second page.)

Senior Parents: Please support your After-Grad events early!

All Parents: Do you work for a company that matches your donations? Let us know what we can do to help get that match! Some of the companies that have matched donations recently are: Boeing, Belden, Energizer, Monsanto, and Wells Fargo. We appreciate the support!

We can make this a great year!