Ladue Dance Marathon - Registration

Ladue Dance Marathon @Laduedm - October 29, 2014
Dance Marathon is back! This is a chance for us to stand for kids who can’t stand for themselves during another four-hour dance on January 31. Throughout the event we will dance and participate in fun activities, always loud and always on our feet, never sitting down.

Students must register with Ladue Dance Marathon (LHWHS organization) in order to participate in the event. "Registration Day" is October 31 in the commons during Ac Lab. Here are the details:

  • Students must bring $15 or a credit card to register for Ladue Dance Marathon. This registration fee covers the cost of the event.
  • Students will then create a profile here on Donor Drive, a website run by Children's Miracle Network. This will be used to track money the students raise for the kids. #FTK
  • Once a Donor Drive account is created, each student must raise at least $30 in donations for Children's Miracle Network in order to participate in the Dance Marathon on January 31, 2015. These donations can be easily gathered using emails and social networks on Donor Drive.

Ladue Dance Marathon Donor Drive: