Prom 2017

The Ladue Prom 2017 is Saturday, April 8 followed by our Post-Prom celebration

POST-PROM….What is it?

Post-Prom is a a fun, safe event for our student prom goers immediately following Prom and lasting until the wee hours of the morning: 11pm-2am. (Check in by 12:30am.)  This event is sponsored by the LHWHSPA and is free to each student who has purchased a prom ticket.

The Post-Prom party site is America's Incredible Pizza Co., 5254 S. Lindbergh Blvd. Click here for the flyer. 

What do students need to know about the Post-Prom celebration?

- This should be a really fun event that the parent association has planned just for you!

- You can attend the post-prom party if you have purchased a prom ticket and if you have turned in a post-prom waiver signed by your parent(s). 

- You MUST arrive no later than 12:30 AM to be admitted into the Post-Prom event.

- Bags, purses and coats will not be allowed beyond the check-in area and must be left in your vehicle or checked with our parent volunteers at arrival time.

- There will be a changing area if students want to put on different clothes for the Post-Prom celebration. Again, all items must be checked with our parent volunteers and retrieved at departure time.

- Once you leave, you are not allowed back into the Post-Prom party.

What do parents need to know about the Post-Prom celebration?

-  We need your help financially! The event is planned by the parent association and funded mostly by donations from junior class parents or any other parents who would like to donate. A small portion of Prom ticket sales supports the Post-Prom party, but the majority of the budget comes from parent donations. If you haven’t already sent in a donation, please make your check payable to LHWHSPA and write “Post-Prom” on the memo line. Donations can be made online as well by clicking here.

We need your help with manpower! We can't do this without you!!! Parents who enjoy late-night hours and keeping things fun and safe during the evening will staff the event. Your help is appreciated beyond measure!

- Make sure you have signed a Post-Prom waiver for your child.  Your child must have purchased a prom ticket and submitted a parent-signed waiver to enter the Post-Prom celebration. The waiver will be posted as soon as it is available.