Actual bus may vary...

Actual bus may vary...


Start a conversation with the basics – Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.


  • Who will be on the bus?
  • Who is making all the arrangements?
  • Who signed the contract for the bus?
  • Who is collecting the money?  


  • What may you bring on the bus?
  • What are you going to have with you on the bus?
  • What is the plan?
  • What if you need or want to get off the bus?
  • What if your date or friend needs to get off the bus?
  • What is your back-up plan?


  • Where will you be picked up?
  • Where is the bus scheduled to go? Are additional stops planned?
  • Where will you be dropped off? Where are you planning to sleep? Who else will be there?


  • When will you be on the party bus?
  • When will you be picked up?
  • When will you be dropped off? How will you get home?


  • Why do you want to be on a party bus?


How may I be an informed parent? Talk to other parents. Find out the name of the company. Take a look at the bus contract; it may be online. Some companies require students and parents to sign off on a code of conduct and do not allow backpacks, coolers or beverages on board. Look for a clause stating that any illegal activity is grounds for immediate termination of the ride. Exactly how this gets handled is at the driver’s discretion. Students may be dropped off at a random location and left to find their own way home if there is alcohol or drug use on board.


(LHWHSPA Executive Committee, September 2013)