Looking for A way to become involved? Here's a list of the committees that need volunteers throughout the year. Once you see something you like, CLick here to Volunteer! Thanks! 

Rambell – (August, September) It takes a village... help us get ours together!  Proofread and distribute our student phone directory. Perfect for working parents.
Email: rambell@laduehighpa.com

Spirit We Have SPIRIT, Yes We Do! Work with the student organizations to help support activities like Homecoming bonfire, pep rallys, impromptu celebrations of team and club achievements and more.
Email: spirit@laduehighpa.com

Communications  We are fortunate to have volunteers who manage our newsletter and website, but we can always use others who can help gather content. If you're an avid tweeter or always on Facebook and would like to help, please let us know! 
Email: communications@laduehighpa.com

Parents for Scholars (Jan, Feb or March - Date TBD) – Calling all party people! Join the fun to help us plan our one fun party for adults only. Proceeds benefit student scholarships and staff grants.
Email: parentsforscholars@laduehighpa.com

Parent Education Programs – We host a speaker series with programs of interest to parents and guardians. Help is needed for brainstorming and planning events. If you have a topic or speaker suggestion, please let us know!
Email: parentedprogram@laduehighpa.com

Staff Breakfasts – (October, December, February, April) Quarterly throughout the school year, we treat our amazing staff to breakfast before school. Help is needed with setup, serving and cleanup, as well as donations of store-bought or homemade treats.
Email: staffbreakfasts@laduehighpa.com

Staff Appreciation Luncheon – (April 2, 2019) This annual luncheon treats our faculty, administrators and staff to a well-deserved “sit-down and savor your lunch” in a manner they typically do not get to enjoy at school.
Email: staffluncheon@laduehighpa.com

Teacher Conference Dinners –  (October, March) Come a little earlier for your conferences, help us serve dinner and “rev up” our teachers before they head off to meet parents.
Email: conferencedinners@laduehighpa.com

Grounds Beautification – Calling all gardeners! Gardeners needed to help improve the appearance of the high school through the addition and maintenance of plants and landscaping. Due to construction, efforts will be limited this year. 
Email: beautification@laduehighpa.com

Chili Supper – (Jan or Feb - Date TBD) This is a great community event with the Character Education Committee and Dads Club. Together we host this fun, district-wide dinner prior to a home basketball game. Bring the whole family!
Email: chilisupper@laduehighpa.com

Post-Prom Party – (April) We are committed to a fun and safe Post-Prom party. This committee is primarily for junior parents.
Email: postprom@laduehighpa.com

After-Grad Celebration – (May) One last high school party, celebrating the Class of 2019, the night of graduation (senior parents needed).
Email: aftergrad@laduehighpa.com

Parent Helpers, On Call – Easiest committee we have! Work around your own schedule, as from time-to-time miscellaneous assistance and/or volunteers are needed at school. Let us know if we can contact you, via email, to help.
Email: parenthelpers@laduehighpa.com

Ladue Coalition against Underage Drinking  This group meets monthly to address ways we can change the culture of underage drinking in our community. (Not sponsored by the LHWHSPA.)
Email: info@laduecoalition.com