We're here to help with high school.


The LHWHS Parent Association is committed to developing innovative ways to improve the experience of students, staff and parents at Ladue High School.

We assist the LHWHS community maintain the highest standards of education by working closely with the administration and staff to enhance learning opportunities for all students, providing additional resources as needed. 

The LHWHS Parent Association provides a framework and collective voice for parents to integrate into our school community through communication, collaboration, parent education and volunteer opportunities.  

We are so proud of the LHWHS ranking!

We are so proud of the LHWHS ranking!

We're Number One! 

Have you heard? LHWHS was ranked 1st in Missouri, 7th in the Midwest and 63rd in the nation by The Daily Beast. Click here to get the details and the scoop on the other schools that were ranked.